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Importing comments is easier than ever. Use text-based comments in presentations, the AutoCAD IMM Reader, or the AutoCAD User Community forum to easily import comments into your drawings or drawings into your presentations.You can also create an AutoCAD service provider to access comments from the web directly in your AutoCAD drawings, and enable online commenting without downloading any software.See a webinar that walks you through the process of how to use comments in your drawings.Share your drawing directly with others via email, tasklist, social media, and more.Toolbars:The following toolbars are available in the AutoCAD application:Navigation bar (also known as the Quick Access toolbar)Drafting toolbar (Tools panel)Reference toolbarCAD Tools toolbarCommand line (also known as the Command Panel)Help toolbarAdditionally, there are several additional toolbars available in AutoCAD for specific tasks such as finding commands or customizing the drawing environment.Keyboards:The previous AutoCAD version included a keyboard command to start a new drawing from a file. AutoCAD 2023 continues this feature, but you can also start a new drawing directly in the current drawing. The keyboard command is Ctrl+N.Arrow keys move in the drawing and keep you focused on the current drawing window.Select/Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete keys: Select, copy, paste, and delete commands are still available in the Command Line and a variety of other drawing and command dialogs. You can also access these commands from the keyboard using the same hot keys.A new set of keyboard shortcuts is available in AutoCAD 2023: Command -, to move the drawing to the current window. Command - D to set the current object to dynamic. Command - F for AutoFit. Command -, to set the current object to layer. Command -, to place objects at the current layer. Command -, to edit an object’s layer assignment. Command -, to assign an object to a specific layer. Command - Z to hide/unhide objects. Command -, to move an object to its starting position. Command -, to lock objects and hide/unhide.Command - CTRL+A and then a letter keystroke: Add a drawing layer named by the last character of that letter. Command - CTRL+ 2be273e24d

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